Early baroque
Tabor pipes

Descant in f'''
Original - Tartu, Estonia

Descant in d'' and c''
Original - Elblag, Poland

Fingering chart
  Annette Bauer(recorder)&Tim Rayborn(harp)
  Annette Bauer(recorder)&Peter Maund(riqq)

6-holes descant in d'' and c''

This model is derived from different traditional duct flutes.
     Igor Lissov

Treble in g' and f'
Cylindrical recorders with Ganassi fingering.
  Ekaterina Bonfeld, ensemble "Laterna Magica"
  Ekaterina Bonfeld, ensemble "Universalia in Re"

Tenor in d' and c'
Original - Rafi, Bologna

  Annette Bauer        Conrad Steinmann, ensemble "diferencias"

Double recorder in d'' and c''

Left flute: c - d - e - f - g - a.     Right flute: f - g - a - h - c' - d' .
Semitones are possible.

  Jessica Baran-Surel
  Ekaterina Bonfeld, ensemble "Laterna Magica"
  Ekaterina Bonfeld

Pythagorean or meantone temperament, pitch 440 or 466.
Timbers - maple, pearwood, plumwood, apricotwood, hawthorn.

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